New here - Many questions

Hi I’m new here just starting using vassal last night and all of today looking around the forums and the features of the program.

I’ve looking to make create a Monopoly Deal module and after many hours, I am finally stuck and can’t seem to progress anymore.

  1. I know there is a way to deal a certain amount of cards to the players hands, however, I can’t seem to get it to work. I’ve been using Twilight Struggle as an example but I can’t seem to figure it out.
    a. Also, since monopoly deal can be played with 2-5 people, if there are only 3 playing, is it possible to make it so that the deal button only deals to the current players.

  2. I’ve got the buttons for the Players hands on the toolbar but I cant seem to figure out a way for it to show the amount of cards in the player’s hands.

  3. At the moment, the table consists of the deck and the discard pile next to it. When playing actions cards, is it possible to make it so that when a card is played and sent to the discard pile, it reports that action? Also, when a card is discarded because of a large hand, to report that as well.
    a. Also, how to include right click action for play action (send to discard) and discard (same).

  4. Is there a way to completely reset the game as in return all the cards (in hand, table, and discard) back into the deck and reshuffled.

  5. Also, (yea sorry I have a lot of questions) action buttons on the toolbar such as draw 1 (draw 1 card from the deck to hand) and it gets reported.

Thank you for your time. I know there are a lot of questions so having any of them answered is appreciated.

Easiest way to handle this is to create a “Deal Cards” button and place it in the player’s “Player Hand”. When an active player opens their player hand, they can deal themselves their cards. The “Deal Cards” button would use a Global Key Command to send a trigger to the draw deck and it can be set to affect a specific number of pieces (cards) …or you can have it set to get one piece and the player can just click however many times as necessary.

You can’t get the button in the toolbar to show the number of cards in player’s hands but you can create a display on the game board that will keep a running count of the cards in player’s hands.

You would probably have to set up a key command in the player hand map window to trigger whenever a card is place in the hand. You’ll see this in the Map Windows properties as “Key command to apply to all units ending movement on this map”. That trigger can be used to affect all cards in the hand and each card would update a global property by 1 with the Set Global Property trait.

Let’s say the Global Properties are called CardCount1, CardCount2, etc …one for each player.

You can then use a “Text” trait in your display on the game board to display $CardCount1$.

Make sure the map window has $message$ under “Auto report format for units modified on this map”. Then you can apply a Report trait on the cards that trigger with the same key as whatever action that’s being applied to the card.

For example, you can have a Trigger Action trait that triggers both a Return to Deck and Report trait. The TA trait would have the Menu Text set to Discard (this is what will appear when you right-click the card) and you can set a key command of CTRL X. Under “Perform these keystrokes”, you can send the key command ALT X. You would then have a Return to Deck trait that would send the card to the Discard pile that triggers on an ALT X and a Report trait that reports the card being discarded …also triggered on an ALT X.

As far as when a card is played, place the message you want in the Map Windows properties under “Auto report format for movement to this map”. That message will display anytime someone places a card on the game board.

You can but you would have to create all the triggers to reset everything. That’s a lot of work and the potential for a lot of problems. It’s far easier to just close the game and start a new one.

See question 1 about dealing a card to a hand. You’ll find this to be far easier than trying to get a menu bar to deal cards. As far as reporting it, you can have the deal card button report it with a Report trait or use the same map trigger being used to count cards to report a new card (see question 2 above).

I’ll continue to monitor this thread and assist.

Thank you for your reply.

So far,

  1. I’ve got functional draw 5 and draw 3 if i right click the deck. I also, go the discard and play card option on all the cards.

  2. To reset everything, I think I’m just going to tell everyone to put all the cards back in the discard/deck and then reshuffle or just make new game I guess.

  3. I’m going to work on the card count after I figure the rest out. I still can’t figure out the deal/draw button on either the main/player board. In twilight struggle, I see that the deal action button is under the main map tree but in edit, theres no option to create an action button under those trees. I can’t create and move it in either.

Thank you.

When you put a button on the map board, you’re creating it from scratch. First you make a graphic for the button. I’ve attached one that’s 80x30.

Add an At-Start Stack to your map where you want the button to be. Add a Single Piece to the At-Start Stack …that’s your button. You can then apply the traits you need to it.

Your trait list may look something like this (these are listed in order of execution. Remember that traits are executed from the bottom up so you would reverse the order of traits on the piece)

Does not Stack
Select piece - normally
Move piece - never
(This allows people to click the button but not move it)

Action Button
Invoke key command = CTRL B
Button X-offset = -40
Button Y-offset = -15
Button width = 80
Button height = 30

Trigger Action
Keystroke = CTRL B
Perform these keystrokes

  • ALT B

Global Key Command
Keyboard Command = ALT B
Global key command = (whatever you want the card to do you’re sending the command to)
Matching properties = CurrentMap = (map the card deck is on) && DeckName = (name of the deck)
Within a deck, apply to = (set the number of pieces you want affected)
Make sure “Suppress individual reports” is NOT checked

Report Action
Report on these key strokes - SHIFT B
Report Format - (whatever you want it to say)

Ah, I see how a button can be put onto the map.

Sorry, if I worded a little bad but your explanation does come in handy. What I meant by the action button is putting an action button in the toolbar that would draw cards. I am able to put an action button under [module] but I can create an action button under the map window tree or the player hand window which prevents me from making the button on the toolbar.

Thank you

Sorry for the double post but I cant find a way to edit my post.

So at the moment, I just added 8 deckglobalkeycommands to the deck that draws 5 and 2 for each player.

Is it possible to create a keyboard shortcut to those commands? and if possible, apply that shortcut to the toolbar resulting in a button that would apply the shortcut and draw.

Thank you.