New Mage Wars Module

Bad news everyone, found a really major flaw in the spell book points calculator, that’s directly related to a vassal bug here:

Basically, the calculator isn’t reliable if you have cards of one type of school in your book adding beyond 100 points worth. Example: Say you took 20 Earth Elementals, for what ever reason, you crazy Earth Wizard you… This would bring you to 100 Earth School points, which would add up in your book. Now if you took another Earth Elemental, or any spell which has Earth School, it will NOT count the Earth points further in your total. But if you added any other school type it would still count, until you reached 100 points worth of that other school at least…

For most mages, this isn’t really an issue at all, hence why it was never discovered until now. Except for maybe, say, the Forcemaster, who will likely take a majority of mind spells and eventually hit this 100 point cap. Or even a Druid who almost soley relies on Nature spells, or a Necromancer with Dark.

Okay, so maybe most experienced players wouldn’t likely reach 100 points worth of one type of school, but the problem is still there, and I want to hear an opinion from the player base on my course of action.

I can wait and see if this bug will be fixed sometime hopefully soon before releasing the upcoming update, or I can release the update anyway and then later on a second update when its fixed.

Right now the update will have:

A fixed and working Obliterate command, it is still broken in the current release. (Done)

Made some minor rotation changes regarding damage numbers being upside down on rotated cards. (Done)

Changed the wording of Use/Add Mana to Change Mana. (Done)

Added dice pieces for the attack dice and effect die, for better feel with real dice rolling sound. (Done and thanks to GonzoGonzolas for the idea!)

Starter books and apprentice books will be built in to the module for new player ease. (Working on it)

A tutorial log that follows the example play through found in the rule book. (Working on it)

Added the Deflect token for the Forcemasters defense ability, accidentally forgot about it last time. (Done 3 minutes after posting)

So its not a big or major update, and I’m still on the look out for any more minor or major problems that could be fixed before this is pushed out. This problem would probably count as a major one lol. The only reason I’m bringing this up is because this bug was confirmed two vassal versions ago, and I am uncertain of how long it will actually be before it is fixed.

All the same, I’m glad to see so many people are enjoying the module so far, and I highly encourage any suggestions anyone has to further improve it while the iron is hot! Along with posting any other problems that people have encountered. And a quick thanks for taking the time to read this, I know it was a bit long. :smiley: