New Marvel Game IS IN SPANISH

Thanx for the Load up but the cards to play the game are in spanish…

Heh, are you talking about the Marvel Heroes module?

If so… yeah, the cards are in Italian (not Spanish). What… you don’t know Italian? :slight_smile:

I have been asking around for ages trying to find some volunteer to send me the scans of the English language version (or any other language) but with no luck. Just these days I might have found a nice fellow from Australia willing to help. Or will you help me by sending the scans yourself? As soon as I have those I will put out version 2.0 of the module with the English cards. A matter of days, hopefully!

Thanks for your interest.

P.S. Module specific support questions should really go to the Module support section of the forum, Marvel Heroes thread.

Thank you, but I am not looking for the English language version, I am looking for traditional Chinese characters. 謝謝!


ከመይ ሐዲርቃ የቀንየለ ንታዕ አቤት !!

Okay. If someone sent English version to me, I could translate it into traditional Chinese .

And I could have the tigrinya version up.

Ok, now we are getting somewhere. But, wait… who is sending the English scans?

So much good will wasted!

P.S. Seriously, the English version scans are coming at a crawling pace, but they are coming…

that’s great.

Hello, at long last version 1.1 of the module with English version of the cards is available for download. The German version was also included. See full release notes.