NEW MOD REQUEST: After the Flood

I played 1 turn of this new Martin Wallace design on two different occasions. It is the kind of game that I don’t think I iwll every play face to face but am certain that I would love to play on VASSAL. With only 1500 copies in print, I’m sure it will sell out and not be reprinted due to its limited appeal (3-players only, long, involved).

So, I’d love to see a VASSAL module.

Rules can be found here and includes full graphics of all pieces along with all charts and tables:

The photo of the map is low-res and some of the words on the map are not readable. I can help with that and whatever other questions a designer might have about the game. I also wouldn’t mind learning how to program one of these myself… but would need help: which might be more of a bother to someone that just doing it themselves. Contact me if you are moving on it…


BTW - although I have no experience programming a VASSAL module, I am quite facile with graphic design programs, so I can do the map, counters etc. In fact, I’m going to go ahead and get started on them. So, please contact me if you are a VASSAL developer and want to work with me on this.

I really want to play this game… :slight_smile:


Do you have contacted the authors / the publisher ?? and what are they thinking about this ??



My email address is vpo3 at yahoo. Send me a note if you are interested in working with me on this.

Module is complete. Contact me for a game.

As Soft, Have you contact the author for this adaptation ???