New module Canyon Cup

Hi all! I just finished the module for “Canyon Cup” the tactical racing boardgame I created with my brother. The rule book of the game is in french (translating in progress) but there is no textual elements on the board so its playable in any language, can I upload it anyway? I dont know how to upload my module…when I go to the “upload file” page, the button doesnt work…seems like my file is not recognized? sorry if the answer is obvious but I m not a captain :slight_smile:

Ok the file was missing the extension vmod, now its ok! The game is uploaded. how much time before other players can find it in the search menu?

anybody here? can someone help me … odule_Page

no problem here! I ve uploaded my module one month ago and evrything is playable.

the module need to be approved by an admin before the other players find it in the database?