New Module - Pacific Islands Campaign - Iwo Jima

Pacific Islands Campaign - Iwo Jima simulates the battle to retake the island of Iwo Jima from the Japanese in February 1945. The battle was the hardest ever fought by the marines or the Japanese for such a small place. The island though was critical to take from the US standpoint as an emergency landing area for the Marianas based B29's.

Rules are based on the 7 Battlefield Operating Systems:

1.- Command and Control
2.- Intelligence
3.- Fire Support
4.- Air Defense
5.- Combat Service Support
6.- Mobility and Survivability
7.- Maneuver

Pacific Islands Campaign (PIC) series focuses on battles for different islands in the Pacific during World War II. It has detailed Orders of Battle and units are Battalions down through Platoons.

Iwo Jima was the toughest island to capture. This place caused over 20,000 Marine casualties and gave Americans the impression that invading Japan would be very bloody and led to the decision to drop the A-Bombs.