New Module: The World at War: Europe

The World at War: Europe covers WWII in the European theatre.
The game works for 1 to 3 players. Each game turn takes around three months of real time.

The players doesn’t move counters over the map, but they move wooden cubes. The only one counters present in the game are the air fleets, fortifications and other markers used to manage countries resources, research, diplomacy, factories, convoys or certain actions in the game.

The game is a medium complexity game covering much of the interesting aspects of this campaign. The game map is divided in areas and sea zones. Most of the countries can enter in play, except Sweden and Switzerland. There are major powers (Germany, Italy, USSR, USA, UK and France) and minor powers.

Most of the game mechanics are centered on actions. Many game mechanics are solved with d3 dice. The number of actions that a major power has represent it’s capability to perform operations or investment in technological advances or industrial improvements.

Other aspects in the game are important like the hidden Diplomacy which adds a lot of strategical options to players and adds lot of replayability.

The rules are short and easy to learn.

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