New Module - WARLINE: Tactical Fantasy Battles

El Jay Play is proud to present the 1.0 module for WARLINE: Tactical Fantasy Battles.

Warline is a highly technical game of detailed maneuver warfare. With nuanced systems and mechanisms modeled on fifteenth and sixteenth century martial practice, WARLINE gives you the tools and freedom that you need to craft and execute your very own unique and creative strategy. Do you prefer to manipulate your opponent with psychological warfare? Are you more comfortable dominating your opponent with attrition? Would you be more effective by cutting off your opponent's center of gravity? WARLINE is a canvas on which you can paint a strategy all your own.

Yet, while highly-technical and detailed, WARLINE is designed with elegance at the forefront, resulting in an accessible, fast, and furious expression of warfare on your tabletop.

For more info, drop by the BoardGameGeek page.