new module--what steps am I missing?

Trying to make a module the simplest (?) way,
I only get one usable game piece–the last one. It moves on the map ok. The buildFile has lines for all 139 of the game pieces.
Here’s what I did:

  1. chose “New Module”
    [Map Steps]
  2. click to expand Main Map
  3. clicked “Add Board”
  4. selected a png file of the map image.
  5. gave an ok

[Steps for pieces]
6. right click game piece palette
7. click add multiple pieces
8. selected a directory with 139 piece image png files.
9. confirmed

  1. saved module
    I was expecting that any player could move any piece, since no sides were created, but
    I only have one usable piece.

What steps are missing? I presume I need to do something to the game piece palette, but I don’t know what or whether
to do it before or after “Add Multiple Pieces”

Stewart Strait