New Player Awareness in a Module

I can’t seem to find information on this (if it exists) so I came here with my problem.

I’m in the process of developing a Character Creator system in TBK where players are presented with a choice of two races at the beginning of the game and, once selected, they can develop their character. I don’t see any problems with that as long as the players start the game together.

However, the game is such that a player can enter the game at a latter time. How do I get the module to recognize that a new player has entered the game and display the Character Creator system to this new player at the beginning of the next round so they can create their character?

Very simply, what you want is an At Start Stack Action button somewhere that
is always present that users select to start the Character creator.
On this button should be a restrict Access (or restrict command trait) with
a PME PlayerSide = Player1 && Player1Selected = true (one for each player)

At the module level you add a GP (one for each player) i.e Player1Selected
with an initial value of false

When Player 1 starts character creation first thing this button must do in
its sequence is fire a trigger to change their corresponding GP to false and

longer from that point on be able to “activate” the selection process,
unless their Character dies (when character dies it changes GP back to true)
and so on - same process for each player.

I’ve already built a variant of this with a button for each player side -
thought you had it

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I have that and yes I’m doing something similar as far as the creation of characters. What I’m asking is…

Is there a way for the module to sense someone has entered the game and present the character creation tool at the beginning of the next round without them having to click a button.

In other words, in there some system property value that sees a player side as being empty or occupied. Then, I can check that property at the beginning of each round and if that player side is occupied, they don’t currently have a race, and it’s not the first round, the module automatically presents them with a character creator.

If not, that’s fine. I can use buttons. I’m just trying to find ways to make things as automatic as possible and not have a lot of extra buttons and menu options lying around.