New Player LF Summoner Wars Opponents

I got Summoner Wars for Christmas and immediately fell in love with the gameplay. Unfortunately, I can only find people to play with around once a week, and that’s not nearly enough. I realize the game is old and most people play on the iOS version now, but if there’s anyone out there who still enjoys using this platform and can put up with a new player, I’d be down for some daily matches. Preferably someone willing to teach and not just noobstomp at first.

I can play with you if the time is right. I’m not very good at it as well

Cool, I’m usually logged in around 2pm pst for a few hours, and then after 12am pst for a few more.

I live in Hawaii, so 2 hours behind pst for now. I will be able to play at night time. Probably tomorrow night (Friday) or the coming Sunday night.