New Player looking for Empire of The Sun opponents


I am a new player that has attempted some short solo games using the Vassal System whilst trying to absorb the rules and the Vassal interface (Mark Herman’s Youtube videos have been of great assistance in this regard as have John Steidl’s tutorial series). I have not yet played against a human opponent nor have I figured out how to use Erasmus.

I have play a lot of Twilight Struggle online but otherwise I am more of a strategy gamer. Please be warned I will make mistakes and may also still muck up on using Vassal!

I am in GMT +10 (Australia) looking for opponents in any time zone. I am happy to play asynchronous or real-time or perhaps a mixture of the two.

I would be happy to play any scenario as either side - although my slight preference would be the 1942 scenario (or campaign start) and go from there!

Please message me if interested.


Hello James, I might be interested in a PBEM

I’d be interested. I’ve played a lot solo, but never against a human opponent. I’m in US, central time zone (GMT -6 I believe).

Looking forward to hearing from you.