New Player - looking for PBEM games

Hi there, thought I’d join up and hopefully find a few people to play a few games with.

I have a few boardgames which unfortunately I don’t get to play that often as my family aren’t always in the mood for a game. Games I have and enjoy playing are (in no particular order): Arkham Horror, Ticket to Ride, Game of Thrones, Settlers of Catan, Summoner Wars, Dread Pirates etc amongst others.

I can learn new games if they’re of interest to me, so I’m open to trying something I haven’t yet played.

i would be up for some games, let me know when you want to play

Hi Josh,

I can start a game at the earliest tomorrow as I have the day off. I will PM you my email address if you want a game. A live game is also possible at around 1700-2200 BST(British Summer Time).

ok sound good