New Player, looking for PBEM (non-war)

New to VASSAL and frankly to most of the games that are on it, but have been meaning to give both the engine and some of these games a try forever now - hoping somebody might be interested in trying out a PBEM game, probably one of the “lighter” games until I have a better idea what I’m doing ;)

Thinking maybe Battle Cry, Dungeoneer, Hammer of the Scots, Condotiere or Pandemic?

There’d be a little bit of a learning curve for any of them (the only ones I’ve played before are Battle Cry and Condotier, and those were both online versions) but I’ve been itching to try them out.

Any takers? :slight_smile:

I’ll play Battle Cry, Hammer of the Scots, or Pandemic with you. I’m not familiar with Dungeoneer, but will give it a shot. Send me a PM or find me on Skype and we can work out a time to play. PBEM works for me too.