New sci-fi wargame mod, seek opponents

I posted this in the wrong part of the forum, before, so I will try again here.

I am starting a PBEM-style game of Messina, a new sci-fi wargame set on a struggling planetary colony. It is a five-player game, and I am currently one player short. The game is new, and has not been extensively playtested, but the rules are stable and it seems to work well. I have already played a couple of games in a much clumsier format, and wrote a Vassal mod to make things easier for the next round of playtesting.

The game features economic management, diplomacy, simultaneous orders, and area control.

The pace of play would be about one move per day, with optional negotiation between moves. Faster play is possible if everybody posts their moves quickly.

View of the Vassal mod here: … -starship/

Out of date trailer here (in Tabletop Simulator, using the old name of Kepler): …

I have added custom code that performs automatic scoring, syntax checking on the submitted orders, and so on.

Please let me know if you are interested.