new statuses in Bugzilla 4.0.5

I upgraded Bugzilla from 3.x to 4.0.5 on Monday night, as part of moving the web server from Fedora 14 to Fedora 16. One difference between stock installs of BZ 4.0 and earlier versions is that the default bug statuses have changed: They are now UNCONFIRMED, CONFIRMED, IN_PROGRESS, RESOLVED, and VERIFIED. An explanation for the thinking behind this is here: … -workflow/

Presently, we have NEW, TRIAGED, ASSIGNED, REOPENED, RESOLVED, VERIFIED, and CLOSED. In practice, we don’t use VERIFIED—I tend to move bugs for which the fixes have been released from RESOLVED to CLOSED. Despite our best intentions, we also don’t use TRIAGED.

Does anyone have thoughs about changing to the default workflow?

Well we do use Assigned (more so) and Triaged (less so) and I think they did serve useful. Generally stuff assigned does get done sooner or later, and Triaged does help us see quickly that someone has looked into this somewhat and commented some thoughts about it at least.

Their post provides very little info as to the why I found
Going with the new workflow, I think you would want to equate as follows

New = Unconfirmed
Triaged / = Confirmed
Assigned / Reopened = In progress
Resolved = Resolved
Verified = Verified
Closed = ???