New to editing questions

Hey all,

I’ve been enjoying Vassal for a bit now and I’m trying my hand at editing. There’s a module for Knights of the Air a game I’m currently learning with some friends. I have great love for the Dawn Patrol module which has a TON of plane counters and overlays for fire and smoke. So I’ve been trying to “match” what I see in the DP Module with this KoTA module.

  1. In photoshop I pulled in the plane counters from KotA and some counters from DP I made sure the DP ones were the same size as KotA so I could copy, rename, and add new plane art pieces to KotA.

  2. As a transparent PNG layer I did one for smoke and one for fire as overlays.

  3. I added them as layers and gave them activate keys, but they don’t rotate with the plane piece. They stay straight while the plane piece spins beneath. All the settings are the same as the DP module. The only difference is the DP module its not a transparent png its another version of the plane art but with smoke and fire. But when I do that, the piece still doesn’t turn but I can see the plane counter turning beneath it. So its the same problem but I’m not sure where I’m going wrong.

Thanks in advance and know if you start to chat with me about this…expect a few more questions lol. :smiley:


In the list of “traits” for your piece, make sure that your new Layer traits appear above the “Can Rotate” trait in the list – just move them up above that trait. Then they will rotate when the rotation trait is activated (traits below the rotation trait are “fixed”). (If the Can Rotate is in the piece via a “prototype”, then put your Layer trait above that prototype.)

In the editor’s Help section under “Game Pieces” there is a broader discussion of “Trait Ordering” if you want to go further down that rabbit hole, but for your specific problem it’s enough to just change the order of your traits.


Excellent thank you so much! I"ll try that when I get home.