New to VASSAL and want to play something

Hello! I’m new to VASSAL and I want to play something with someone! I downloaded Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer, Zombies!!! and Zombie Plague. I’m not sure how the on-line works since the main rooms for those games doesn’t seem to have anyone in them. If someone is willing to show me the ropes to VASSAL that would be nice. even if it’s on a simple game like Yahtzee or something.

Those are not games I play. But I recommend that you put your time Zone and the times you are available in your message :^)

Thanks! That’s a great idea! My time zone is GMT-8:00 I am usually available to play from 3pm until about 2am. I found out today that I will be gone from Thursday until Saturday or maybe Sunday.

I also downloaded Formula DE. I cannot figure out how to play the games that I have downloaded single player. The zombie ones I don’t think can be since they are miniature games. but the Formula DE game, at least the board game IRL has a “time trial” in which you play solo. I would love to check out some single player games to get a feel for VASSAL. Any suggestions would be nice.

I came here to play miniature games and deck building games. I do however like much more than just that and am willing to try just about any game on here! Just give me a shout out! I plan to check this more frequently when I get back but will still look at it before I leave.

Thanks for any and all replies!

edit" oh! lancerunolfsson, what games do you play?

I play historical wargames. mostly Napoleonic 20 series on Vassal because they are fairly simple and fast. The ones I have are

Austerlitz 20
Borodino 20
Bussaco 20
Dennewitz 20
Dresden 20
Jenna 20
Grossbeeren 20
Waterloo 20

The other game I have been playing on Vassal is “Nothing gained But Glory” which is a Musket and Pike period game of the Scanian war. In my book very complex and drawn out requiring much looking up of rules. But for some reason I still like it. Maybe because I have a friendly opponent for it. That can make all the difference.

Of these which would be a good one to start with?

I Think Bussaco would be a good starting game. You can get the Standard Rules (all of the games use the same Standard Rules), the Exclusive rules for Bussacco and the VASSAL Module (It says PBEM but can be used for live play as well). There is also a video so you can see if it is any thing that you might be interested in.

I’m on U.S. PST which I think is what you are on. I could play Saturday afternoon.

I will not have access to my computer this weekend, but anytime next week would work for me. Most likely on the weekend as well! Oh and yeah, I’m PST.

Sent you a private message with my E-mail etc.

Just thought I should update the games I have now. Along with the ones I have I now have.

Formula DE
Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game
Napoleonics 20 Bussaco
Star Wars Epic Duels

I am willing to try games that I do not have and have not ever played. I’m still trying to understand how VASSAL even works. If someone knows of a video or something that shows you how to play these games single player or “hotseat” on VASSAL that would be much appreciated.