New to Vassal and Wargaming - PBEM?

Hi, I am new to vassal and wargaming. I am looking for a fun easy to learn wargame to start with and would like to know if someone would like to play by PBEM? I think the slower pace would help me learn the Vassal/Game interface as well as the rules.

So…if you have a good suggestion for a game I could hopefully pick up I would be willing to learn.


what games do you actually have ?
im happy to give you a game of anything
the command and colours games are pretty easy rules wise and work well on vassel


Thanks for your response. For wargaming I have Conflict of Heroes, Combat Commander Europe loaded in Vassal. I physically own Conflict of Heroes and played it several times. Havent won yet. :slight_smile: However I will play any recommended wargame that you think would be an easy one to pick up in vassal. Thanks

lets give conflict of heroes a go
it should work ok