new to vassal, not to gaming

Just downloaded VASSAL today. I’m interested in pretty much any GMT game, but other games might be possible too.

It may be a bit down the road a ways, figure about a month or so, but if I can dig up a Vassal module for GMT’s Prussia’s Glory (I or II) would that interest you, even if you might have to be the first one to try it?

That’s one GMT game that I haven’t played. Otherwise C&C, CC, any card-driven area movement game I’m up for.

I’d love to try Command & Colors or Wilderness War, if you’re interested in either of those with a total n00b.

I also have Men of Iron, though it isn’t a card-drive game.

I’m open to you recommending another GMT game, too. Love them and am not averse to purchasing more. :slight_smile:

I would like to play C&C:A, Pax Romana or Here I Stand which I own or going to own. ;)

Maybe others, I’m open to many GMT games I think. Just send a private message.

Would you like to try a C&C game with me? If you’re not sick of me from Pax Romana. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here I Stand is on my wish-list to play, too. But we might need someone who has actually played before to keep us in line. Seems like there is a lot to remember in that one.

I have played Here I Stand a few times. It plays better with more people, so I would like to know how many are interested before committing to it.


Of course we can play a C&C:A game or two. It doesn’t take up so much time, so no PbEM is needed (and because of sometimes only a few seconds for one’s turn, not recommended).
We just need to find some time we are both online. Maybe some suggestions ?

@Here I Stand

We are three lads already, maybe I ask at Do you know some other places we might get some players ?

Edit: Just recruited a friend, only two more needed.


How many do we need? 5 or the full 6? I can ask someone, too, but I expect him to be too busy.

C&C -

It would probably be tough for me to coordinate an online game. How long does it take to play a full game? If we could find a good mutual time, I could probably do it in 30 minute segments, if you were willing to do that.

4-5 players minimizes any interaction lost between players IMO. The full six would be great, however if that is not feasible then 4-5 will do nicely. I’ve played a 3-player game before, and IMO you simply lose too much player interaction there.

Do we want to try and specify a time to play together or do PbEM?

I’m also up for C&C any time. Game length varies by scenario-the game I played last night took about 3 hours, but it had the largest victory requirements. Shorter games should take 1-2 hours to play.

I hope we can play HIS by email. I simply cannot find fixed times to sit in front of the computer. Two kids… they do that to me. Well, and having a full-time job. :wink:

Yes, HIS by email would be fine. C&C:A could be done in segments or the whole game. But for PbEM it is no good game because you interact every minute or so…

I would have to agree-PbEM would be doable, but much of the fun of this game comes from player interaction, which is mostly (if not totally) lost in a PbEM setting.

If time is an issue, the game could be done over several intervals of a couple of hours each if that would be easier.

There are two who are interested at
So we would be six. Perhaps we should just try and start a game.
TKaz84, would you be so kind?

I send you my email address per PM.

I am one of the 2 from BGG. As I mentioned there, I was part of several PBEM games on CyberBoard. Unfortunately they all collapsed. PBEM games are enjoyable and can work if everyone commits to getting their turn done and mailed out to everyone withint a day or so. What killed all the other games was the weeks of downtime and the constant frustration of never having a move.

Vacations and weekends away are acceptable as long as everyone is made aware. Most time they can continue around a person as it could take upwards of a week to just get through all 6 players and back to you for a single impulse (Though it could also take a day if everyone is up to it). And you have to realize that this could be a long game. I think if we hit a turn a month, we were doing good (which was usually our pace in the beginning). So starting now, we won’t likely be done by the new year.

All of this may seem less than ideal. But the fact of the matter is that this will probably be the only way I ever play. I have this beautiful game here but will rarely be able to get 6 friends together to commit all the time needed to finish 1 Face-2-Face game. So I am willing to hold up my end of the bargain just so I can officially log my first play of thei game at BGG (I have played enough to count 3 games, but I just don’t feel right if it never finished!)

So anything I can do to help it along, I will gladly due so. I am not familiar with teh Vassal version but vassal is my preferred engine so I should be able to grasp it fairly easily. I just downloaded the module and will test it out now.


OK, I can set a game up in the next few days. When will be a good time?

Sent a PM to the 3 of you that look interested. Let me know if you didn’t get it.

Anytime works. Perhaps we can take the next day or so to get teh preliminary stuff set up - exchange email addresses, select powers and maybe shoot to have the game going by the weekend?

I am in the US outside Chicago so I am on Central time. Most of the time I will be online is 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm as that is when I get home and before my fiancee stops by. So if I get an email before that time, I can get one back out quickly.

We probably also need on eperson to be the “overseer” to make sure things are getting distributed and clean-up at the end of the round - someone who has experience with the game. And either the same person, or someone else to be the “pusher” and make sure we are sticking with the game - someone who is pleasant but persistent! We should also agree to a turn-around time. Rules suggest 48 hour max.

Oh, one other thing sthat makes life easier - naming convention of the files. I learned on CyberBoard with Ed Beach himself. His system was GAME-T1-01-Protestent1.

Game was some number since he had dozens of these going on at once. I assume we will most likely stcik with one, or we can call it HIS1 to denote our first game if we want to keep going. T1 is the Turn number that only changes once we close out a turn. “01” is the file for that turn. Each time a new file goes out, you increase it by one. We shouldn’t ever need to get up over 100 files per turn. I think most of ours were done around 40 files. This also keeps everything in order and lets you know if you missed a file. It also keeps everything organized in your folder. The “Protestant1” is your power and your impulse. That way you can quickly see what file you are looking for. These can also be name things like “95Thesis” or “Diplomacy” or whatever.

Yeah, naming conventions would be fine. You will mass up some log files and you want to keep an overview. I think your suggestion is good enough.

I agree that we can use this weekend for setup and maybe we start gaming about the next weekend. My friend and me having a hard week and need some time to read up on the rules at least.

Well I’ve played the game a few times so the rules will be fairly familiar to me, but I have never done a PbEM game before. In fact, I’ve only been using VASSAL for two days now. So I am probably not the best person to actually run the game.