New to Vassal: PBEM E or A Engulfed; LOTR; or 1960?

Greetings. I’ve played boardgames and wargames for decades, but owing to small children keeping me home, find myself unable to slake my standard gaming thirst. And now I’ve discovered VASSAL. I’d like to give it a go; I think I get the idea, although I haven’t had a game yet.

Lately I’ve picked up Europe and Asia Engulfed, so I wouldn’t mind giving them a go. I’ve also had LOTR The Confrontation for a while and only managed to play it once, so perhaps that might be a good starter (being a simple game).

Also would like to try 1960: making of the president. That just arrived in the post today.

PBEM would most suit my rather time constrained existence, but I could make a ‘live’ game in the evenings (+9:30 GMT).