New to VASSAL, various possible games

Here’s a list of some games I’d like to play. In most cases, I’d need to (re)read/get up to speed on the rules.

The Battle of Raphia (GDW) (have never played)
Revolt on Antares (have never played)
Planet Busters (have never played)
Battles for Prydain (have never played)
Renaissance of Infantry (have never played)
The Battle of Wakefield (have never played)
Sorcerer (played years ago)
Nomad Gods (have never played)
Space Empires (have never played)
Olympica (have never played)
The Lords of Underearth (played years ago)
Rivets (played years ago)
Warpwar (played years ago)
Goblin (played years ago)
Demonlord (played years ago)
Swords and Sorcery (have never played)

I’d be up for Raphia. Played once in the late 70s.

PM sent.

I would be interested in Raphia - PBEM - I have never played but it looks fun

Hey I’m fairly new to playing online with vassal but have used vassal for years namely solo gaming. But i see your intrested in space empires?? very cool game. I havent played in roughly 2 years but if you like to take the time to relearn with me we can do that?? I live in the USA Central Time


I’m brand new literally just created a profile 5 min ago. I own Swords and Sorcery and would be up to play. I haven’t touched the game though in like 30 years.