New to VASSAL & wanting to play Twilight Imperium

I personally own TI: 3rd edition and Shattered Empire. I never get to play this game locally and am curious to try out VASSAL. Does anyone out there want to play and have some experience so you can guide me through learning to use VASSAL?

I am fairly new to Vassal and I don’t know TI much either so I am no mentor of any sort. However, I would like to learn through Play By email. I think the easiest way to do it is to set up a dropbox account, share a folder to the rest of us where we can all save our turns. If you don’t mind another noob on board keep me posted. Cheers! ~ Seth

Is this game happening? Still looking for players?

I’m a total noob to vassal, but experienced at ti, I’m interested in playing!