New To Vassal

Hi all,
I am new to vassal and a ‘born again’ wargamer ;).

I have just bought Command & Colours Napoleonic’s and would love to find someone to teach me the ropes.

That said I am interested in a fairly broad selection of era’s:

  • Napoleonic’s
  • World War 2
  • Cold War era (particularly Vietnam and the Israeli conflicts)
  • Modern (anything from say Granada onwards)

I am also interested in all types of warfare (Naval, Air, Land - or combined)

And at all levels (Tactical to Strategic).

Please PM me if your are interested in playing (and possibly helping a noobie along).

I am UK based and have access to Team Speak.

Hi Sharpe.

I’m also UK based. Unfortunately I only have C&C Ancients. But interested in WWII, and also happy to play things like Twilight Struggle as a Cold War game (not too competitively though, I’m rubbish).


I have all the C&C Napoleon games and have played them on vassal. I’m in EST, USA East Coast. I also have SKYPE.

Currently a ‘one game man’. I play Russian Front-E over Vassal. This is probably the best East front game out there. Beautiful map of Russia. I use a few house rules I learned from veteran seasoned players to tame a few of the official rules which are too powerful and unbalance the game.

Willing and patient enough to teach someone who is enthusiastic. Game is best played live because it is somewhat interactive. I am in EST and currently have lots of time.