New to wargaming, Looking for a group/opponent

Hey, so I’m pretty new to wargaming only playing a couple of games. I’m looking for either a group or opponent that’s willing to let a player who probably knows very little about these games in. I’ve played wilderness war, twilight struggle and test of fire bull run so far. I’m pretty interested in hex and counter games too but honestly, I’m open to almost any game. I guess you guys can PM me or message me if anyone is looking for a player

Hey, I’ll add information about my timezone and when I can play because I forgot to add that.

My timezone is EST (eastern US) and I’d say I’m good from Friday’s to Sunday’s.

For Friday’s it’s going to be mostly after 7 PM.

Saturday’s, I’m good from either 9 am - to 1 p.m or after 6 or 8 PM. (Anytime between that I can still be up but its just a tad bit less likely)

Sunday’s I’m going to be mostly on after 6 P.M. But sometime’s I’ll be on earlier just never early in the morning on that day.

Let us know the games you have or want to play. I, for one, would be glad to give you a hand entering the hobby. I have Twilight Struggle and Wilderness War and a bunch of others. What era interests you most? WWII, ACW, modern, ancient? Naval, air, land combat? Post up! We’ll get you going!

Hey. Well currently I’m looking to play wilderness war and as I said I’m looking to play some hex and counter games but I’m not sure which.

And on the eras, I’d say I’m interested in almost all of them. If I have to pick I’d say I’d choose, in order of preference, the Napoleonics, ww2, and maybe modern but I’m not sure about that last one yet. I’d also prefer Land combat and maybe some air.

Anyways I should say what time zone I’m in, I’m not sure if it went through when I first submitted that. I’m EST and I’m good from Fridays to Sundays in the mornings and late afternoons except for Sunday where I’d only be able to do anything in the afternoons.

Have you considered PBEM. With pbem you don’t have to worry about time zones and meeting your opponent. You simply take your move, save it as a logfile, and send it to your opponent as an attachment.

I know a good little game called Celles, tactically challenging but not loaded down with details; great game for a beginner. Go to the website for Revolution games and read up on it. There is also a very good you tube vid on it by Stuka Joe. He does a how to play video and keeps it all simple . Check out that game and if you like it, the portfolio version is not expensive. But if you don’t have a big budget for games I can get you the rules. Look into that game, tell me what you think. My email is Contact me by email when you have formed an impression of the game.