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I just recently started DM’ing an online campaign for 4e D&D. The RPG mapper seems to work ok, but I have a few changes to suggest or implement, and I was wondering how hard they would be to do.

  1. Make the background map a different color - as it stands, it’s a really ugly gray color. Would it be possible to make it green for outdoor encounters, blue for water, gray for dungeons? Either preset values, or a slider would be awesome

  2. Allow me to draw things on the map - the preset tiles are beautiful, but any sort of custom dungeon I make is going to need to be hand drawn. As the module works now, it takes me forever to place tiles, rotate, expand, etc. I’d really much rather just “draw” walls, pits, water, etc on the grid as if it was a whiteboard. Multiple colors and or line thicknesses would be cool, but not necessary. Can vassal do this in game?

Those are the two major issues I’m having right now.

Thanks for your time,


Thus spake “Shanti”:

We have a whiteboard feature planned, and I’ve already done some coding
on it; it’s probably going to be a while before it’s finished, though,


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Ok, feel free to PM me if there’s any way I can help…