Hello, im new to Vassal! and kinda new to board games but always been interested just have no one to play with, i do have warhammer experience and more pc strategy games.

I would like to play some napoleon era modules! Civil war is fine to, just really like the musket/flintlock era.

If you dont mind playing with some one with no experience, or maybe you are new to feel free to contact me.

Im from the Netherlands, if you wanted to know my timezone.

Are you looking for tactical Battalion level game, or division level, or strategic level?

Tactical would be La Bataille series or an older game called Wellington’s Victory from a company called SPI. … saint-jean … -june-18th
Operational you could go with Napoleon’s Last Battles. … st-battles
Bonaparte at Marengo … te-marengo
Napoleon: The Waterloo Campaign … paign-1815
Strategic level there is War and Peace
Empire in Arms

And that’s the tip of the iceberg!