Newb design & customizaton questions

I’m looking for details about customizing when creating a module. I’ll probably use Vassal regardless, but I had some questions, just so I know how far and detailed I can design.

  1. If making a module, can I define things such as "this piece has that movement restriction, that piece can turn every 3 hexes, but this one takes 4?

  2. Are the pieces independant of the map hex size? IE. I’d like to take a picture of a ship, mounted on a stand and use that on the board to give it a 3d look. Obviously the ship would be almost 2-3 hexes long, but the base would denote it’s position.

  3. Does the dice roller accomodate all different d sides, or are there just one or two sizes?

  4. is there a per-piece damage tracker? is it “CIV 2” simple, or can it be “RPG” complicated?

I apologise if any of this is covered elsewhere, but I didn’t see it on a quick search, and I’m at work so I can’t delve in deep. Thanks kindly!

Umm… you can define them, but whether there’s a way to enforce them is a different story altogether. IIRC, they’re working on this for 3.2 or 3.3, but this is meant to be more of a versatile board substitute, meaning the module keeps track of as few of the rules as can still make the module functional. The main thing about this, I believe, is that this simulates an in-person board game, not a gives a way of making a computer game, where all the rules are set in the code and nothing is kept track of by the player.

Yes, this is totally possible. Don’t know about the 3 hexes long, that’s a little big, but you can have it snap to the grid however you want (but it WILL snap with the middle of the piece’s picture, and not with the bottom. You’ll just have to make it snap in a way that puts the bottom where you want it).

You can make the dice as big or as small as you want. d20’s are fully accommodated, and I’m guessing you can probably go higher.

I’m pretty sure you can do this as VASSAL stands with dynamic properties and such, but there isn’t a specific function to track damage to a specific piece.

No problem. They were well thought-out and worded questions.

Thanks for the quick response. It’s all pretty much as I expected.

I look forward to using this program. :smiley: