Newbie: Am I supposed to see my opponet's moves?

I was trying to learn to use Vassal by playing a game with my son yesterday.

Vassal 3.0.17 is installed on both our computers and we were sitting face to face, connected to the internet through a common LAN router with a firewall active. We chose to try Crusader Rex. We connected to the server, created a new game with the both of us in it, chose sides and tried to move pieces.

I was expecting my son’s pieces to move on my screen as he was moving them. Instead, none of us could see the moves the other one was making. The chat window reported the moves, but none of the pieces actually moved on the map the opponent saw. Is this normal? Is the opponent supposed to manually duplicate the moves that are reported in the chat window?

We also tried peer to peer play. We were not able to start a game. When I invited my son to my game with his LAN address (I typed in we ended up in the same room but we were identified as instead of our name. Also, when creating the new game, I got some message to the effect that Vassal could not cast class LVASSAL something.

Any information that would help me to resolve these issues would be greatly appreciated.

You will see your opponent’s moves only after you synchronize with him (right-click on his name in the server controls).


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Thanks rk! It did the trick.