Newbie looking for example modules

Hi Guys,

Thanks for taking the time to read. I’m trying to learn how to design a module in Vassal and I’ve followed the Module design Tutorials by Joel Toppen on youtube, but I’m struggling with a few concepts required for the game I’m trying to produce. I’d really appreciate some example modules to look at where a concept is well implemented. Some of the things I’d like to do in my module are:

  1. How to handle resources.
    The game has a limited supply of 5 different resources, which can be used to buy markers. Players obtain resources through dice-rolled production and drawing from a randomised deck. I understand how to create the randomised deck and sorted resource piles, but I’m struggling with the following:
  • Automatically replenishing the randomised deck with X number of each resource from the bank (at the moment 5 independent, homogeneous decks). I know a command can be triggered when the deck is emptied, but I’m unsure how to get the cards in the bank decks to pick up the command and go to the randomised deck.
  • Resource production from dice roll and marker location.
  • Buying stuff with resources in general. I have no idea how to trade a set of cards for a marker.
  1. Snapping markers to different grids. I have a hex grid where some markers can go only in the hexes and some can only go on the vertices. Can this be done using layers or is there another preferred method?

  2. Randomised chip distribution at game start. I assume this can be done using randomised decks of chips and a function to distribute them in a set order to set markers, but I don’t know exactly where to start.

I’m sure I’ll have more questions as I dig further into creating some of the more advanced features of the game, but examples of the above would really assist me getting the core functionality up and running.

Thank you in advance.

Am I looking to do things that are beyond the capabilities of VASSAL or is there something about the request that makes it unattractive to respond to?

Most likely not been any replies to your questions because of the difficulty of what you are trying to do. (And this comes from someone who has made many vassals…)

Your best bet is to post somewhere your VASSAL so far and explain in specific terms what you want it to do - in this case, a “picture” is worth a thousand words…