Newbie Needs Some Opponents

Hey guys, I’m quite new to VASSAL, but not new to any Fantasy, Historic, or Futuristic War Game. I’ve been gaming for about 3 years in Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40K, Axis & Allies Miniatures, and Dungeons & Dragons. I would love to have an opponent for any Fantasy/Historic/Furtuistic based game in VASSAL. So, any takers? :laughing:

What are some specific titles you’re interested in playing? Look through VASSAL’s module library and see what looks good.

I’d be down for a game some time.

Im looking for an opponant for Civil War VG… Interested? Send me an email if you would like to play.

I’m also a newbie to Vassal.
I’d like to play some games of battlelore, I just got the physical game and read the rulebook but haven’t played it yet as I have no-one to play against until after new year…