Newbie player from Italy

Hi there…I’ve just landed recently on the Vassal planet and it occurs to me to have some free evenings to play online.
I’m from Italy and I checked to see if there are around italian players, but the last post I’ve found in italian is dated 2012…

If there’s anyone around searching for a newbie player (cannon fodder :laughing: ) I’m very happy to hear news from you!

I’m a boardgamer/wargamer so anything may be of interest!

Btw, cheers to all this community!

Hello !
I’m Bruno from Rome, Italy. Ready to play. Just in these days I was looking for an opponent to GMT’s Barbarossa to Berlin. But I know and play many other games. You can find my collection at
drop me a line at bruno.moscetti CHIOCCIOLA
Bye !

I’m francesco from Rome, shall we form a little playing group?

collection at … dgame&ff=1
(waiting for reprint of 2 games, Fire in the lake and Regia marina from avalanche press!)

fsinib66 at gmail dot come!


thanks for those quick reply!
But they’re coming only from Italy…where are all the other people from around the world?
Don’t be shy guys!!!


hi, i’m Rolando “arrakis” . I live in milan. New in Vassal and in the wargame World. I’d like to learn to play wargames in general but i really have no opportunity FacetoFace. Could you help me to start this adventure ?.. I really hope you will contact me, thanks