Newbie problem

Pretty newbie with this thing. Actually only started about 2.5h hour ago to tinker with this ;-)

Anyway I’m trying to work some rough uncharted seas module. Things are rolling allright except now I ran into issue with turning templates. Ships and templates are single pieces from JPG(ship) and PNG(template since I need transparency here). I position the template next to ship and then when I try to drag ship into position it aligns itself OVER the template. Or they become stuck with each other so when I drag one I drag both.

Help! What have I done wrong? What setting I need to add? Any ideas?

Also is it possible to have the turning template always on top of ship?

You can set the templates to always be on top of the ships by using Game Piece Layers on your main map. This is like having sheets of paper stacked atop each other–stuff that’s drawn on one layer will remain separate from stuff on other layers.

First, add the layers to the map–for example, add two layers: Ship, and Template.

Then in the Ship piece, add a Marker Trait, call it Layer, and name the Layer Ship. This adds the Ship trait to the Ship piece.

Do the same thing for the Template piece, adding a Marker Trait - Layer called Template.

Now your ships should always be drawn under your templates.

On Jan 8, 2010, at 1:58 PM, mycenae wrote:

The OP might also want to experiment with the “Does Not Stack” trait
for the templates. That will prevent them from getting picked up and
dragged along with the ship. It will make them a little harder to
remove, but you should be able to create a button that does that. Or
just use the special key command (I forget exactly what it is? Shift-
click?) to select the template so as to be able to remove it.

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