Newbie question - a strategic map without game mechanics

Hello, I am an occasional Vassal user who recently had an idea and would like to check whether it’s doable in Vassal.

I have been trying to do a virtual map of a universe on which counters representing various units could be moved. I don’t need any game mechanics implemented, I just need to be able to click and drag virtual counters around a virtual map and occasionally either remove them or add newly made ones. I have been working on this in GIMP (it works but with each counter a separate layer things get hard to process and control) and I’ve considered Roll20 or something like that, but maybe it could be relatively easily implemented in Vassal? Is it a task a noob could accomplish without weeks of practice and reading?

It should be super-straightforward to do this on Vassal – it is precisely what Vassal was originally designed to accomplish.

Depending on the speed at which you pick up new applications, you can either just dive in and start hacking around, or you can watch some of the youtube videos about it to get an intro.

Honestly the “hardest” thing is getting/making art for the map & pieces, but it sounds like this is already well inside your area of expertise.