Newbie Questions: Random Public Boards

I’m working on a game and want to playtest it with Vassal. The basic setup I need is as follows, and I can’t figure out the basic module setup that works for this. Help? Any hints or links to tutorial for similarly structured games would help. I’m reading through the manual and watching some videos but it’s not clicking well.

Game has 2-6 players (I can’t even figure out how to set that part up in Vassal).

There’s a main board with some info and places for markers (e. g., what year is it: 1-4)

There is a board per player, similar to 7 Wonders. Randomly assigned at the beginning of the game from 6 available boards. The boards are viewable by all. How do I set this up?

The player boards have two tracks on which tiles can be placed. The first position on each track is pre-built.

Players have tiles they haven’t build yet (e. g. a “hand”). This are not visible to other players.

Will be happy if I can get that far to start … then I have to figure out how to handle the 8 steps that take place in each round. I don’t even mind if that’s not very automated at this point.