Newbie Squad Leader game?

Hi all,

Corona virus, countering social isolation, etc etc.

Would anyone be interested in a game of Squad Leader? I have played the physical game before, but it was a little while ago, and I would need to refresh myself on it and the VASSAL engine, if anyone is interested in putting up with a newb.

PM sent

Hi- I am also a new player (only just created an account, given the time at home we are facing). I would be keen to have a go at Sl but might require patience as I work things out.

I’m in Australia for time issues. Cheers


Ha, that makes two of us! Let’s learn together. :slight_smile:

I am in Western Australia, so that makes things easier I’m sure. I’ll PM you for details.

I would love to play Squad Leader or ASL. Played many times in person (though that was some years ago) but just found VASSAL! ~John

Yeah, I’ll play (original) Squad Leader. PM me.