Newbie Terraforming Mars

I just 've checked the module and played some testgames against myself ;)

If you like to play, sent me a message. But be aware that i just checked the rulebook and the interface so it needs some time if we play. If you are also a new player I’m fine, we can learn together.

Would be nice if we can talk via Skype or Discord but if not its ok.

Hi narak.

I have not looked at the Vassal module for Terraforming Mars (TfM) yet. However as a note, I have found Tabletop Simulator on Steam works well for that type of game. I just checked (9/22/2018 11:18 EST) there are 2 game of TfM going on right now. There is usually one or 2 going on at any one time. You might want to check that out.

That said, I have only played twice, I would be willing to play again. I have Discord.
I will download the Vassal module as soon as I post this.

send you a message ;)

i saw you message regarding terraforming mars.
I would like to try vassal to play this fantastic game.
please let me know