Newbie wargamer looking for patient PBEM opponents

I am a VERY green wargamer and have never actually played a wargame other than the freely downloadable Battle of Moscow from I’ve played that a handful of times and am really enjoying it as much as I thought I would.

I would love to play something either live or PBEM with someone. Being such a newbie, I have no physical games in my library (my father does have Richthofen’s War) other than Risk (which I have no interest in playing now that I’ve seen the light). So, we’d have to play something that you own.

I have been trolling BGG, here, and consimworld for ideas of what I’d like to get into once I have some money to my name. From my viewing, I’d really like to try the following in no particular order (other than Downtown being #1):

Napoleon’s Triumph
Bonaparte at Merengo
The Burning Blue
A Victory Lost
Empire of the Sun
Hammer of the Scots (if only for its reputation)

Really, anything that is moderately complex I’d be interested in trying. I’m not that interested in ancient warfare, but anything from, say, 1000 AD up I’d give a shot. Block games and card driven games seem to result in less of an excitement than good old hex and counter games, but that may because I’ve never played them (other than a quick game or two of C&C:A on VASSAL one night).

Other than not owning any games, the other kicker is that since I’m such a newbie, there may be some concepts that you will have to teach me or I will have to learn. But I’ve found that people here are generally anxious to pull another victim into playing these games and are happy to help along.

And since I don’t own them, I don’t have any of the manuals and such. I’ve found that you can download a lot of them online, but there’s sometimes pieces missing. For example, I tried learning Downtown until I realized that I had no idea how to fill out the flight logs.

Can we play? Get me into wargames!

Hmm… Nobody? I thought that I had such an open invitation that at least someone would suggest a game.

Did I scare you off somehow? Let me know. I really would like to play something with someboyd. :confused:

I have it on good intel that most of the vassal game useage is deemed to support the boardgame industry by owning the particular game to play. I have several that have purchased lately just to play them here. not sure if this is some cause for lack of response in this case. research a game of interest, purchase and join in.

I could be wrong about this but I have assumed that it is deemed to be acceptable if 1 of the players owns a hard copy of the game. If that is the case it is no different to 1 person inviting a friend round to play face to face. Surely there is no ethical need for both players to have a copy?

Sorry, you are absolutely right, if one person has game no wrong has been done. now you are looking for a game to play. The only game you mentioned that I am playing is Empire of the sun. If you are a ‘very green’ player this may be a little much to start. I know I have read rules over several times before playing. You should read over rules and some session reports of games that are of interest to you and then seek a willing opponent. I would likely be able to play one of these if it fits my likes as well.

Yes, I have seen mentioned before only 1 player needs to own the game.

Now since my original post, I have bought (and played several rounds) of Hornet Leader II and have won The Russian Campaign on ebay (though the seller is being excruciatingly slow in shipping it to me).

I think my first new in box game to buy will be Downtown. I just have to pull the trigger. Is anyone interested in playing through a round with me to get started?

When I say I am “very green”, it means to board wargames. I have played wargames on the computer for years so I’m familiar with some themes. The hex-and-counter scene is taking a little getting used to, but I’m certainly up to the challenge.

I guess I was expecting a number of replies with people looking for an opponent to play in their favorite game. I expected that there would be fans of games willing to train up a future opponent in their preferred game. Maybe my expectations were wrong or maybe there’s something else, but I really am open to game suggestions.

I would be happy to train you up in Caesar Alesia. It is an Avalon Hill classic. The game rules are simple, but the situation is complex. The Romans face the difficulties of dealing with a tactical doughnut, being outnumbered and an unkown direction of attack. The Gallic player faces formidable traps and defenses that will likely kill 1/6 or more of his attacking force, missile engines, archers and slingers and the unfortunate tendency of his troops to panic when they are surrrounded. It is a harsh game for beginners but if you have a thick skin, email me at I am interestedin PBEM only, I wil use any system, but I haven’t used Vassal yet.

Mate I’m up for a TRC match any time. I ahve 4th edition, but can play the older 2nd also.