NFL Strategy

My first contribution to the community!

I have been playing this module for several days now, and it’s been bringing back some great memories of my childhood. However, I noticed that one of the running plays - 45 Give - was not coming up at all when using the sol-offense random button. I checked the list, and sure enough, it wasn’t in there. I therefore updated the module to include this play when clicking sol-offense.

I have uploaded the module, and I edited the module page; in both cases, the information has been sent for moderation. So, how long does it take before the updates are available for download? I just want to make sure that I updated it correctly, and that I uploaded and edited the page properly.

So I uploaded the module here, and I updated the wiki page…but I’m not seeing any links for the updated module. Can someone help me out in fixing this please?

Nobody? Not a single drop of help on this?

I see your upload. Everything OK now?

I see it now. Guess it just takes a couple days.