No movements are recorded in the log window

Hi, this is the first time I’m developing a game module and I have a problem and that is that the movements of the counters do not appear in the registration window. In the map definition screen it is set in the field “Auto-report format for movement within this map: $pieceName$ moves $previousLocation$ → $location$”
I don’t know if there is another place where this option is cancelled or activated.
Thank you

Go to the “Preferences” from Vassal’s File menu, and in the first page (“General”) make sure that “Auto report moves” preference is checked.

Note that you can ALSO do movement reporting by filling in the bottom blank (Key Command to apply to all units ending movement on this map) with a named keystroke e.g. “MovedOnMap”. And then you can give your units triggers and/or Report traits that respond to “MovedOnMap” – e.g. if you want to have different kinds of reporting for different kinds of units, rather than the same thing for all.

But what you’ve got is a good starting point, and should work with the preference turned on.