No Retreat (Deluxe/GMT) v1.3 control marker bug

Using VASSAL 3.1.17 on OSX 10.7.2:

  1. place an Axis control marker in, say, Kharkov
  2. place a soviet control marker in same hex
  3. save and close game
  4. reopen save - the Axis control marker is back, Soviet control is gone. Since control markers cannot be selected (and then deleted), the Axis have secured control of the hex in question forever. Now that’s a secret weapon to turn the tide with… :slight_smile:

Definitely not a game stopper, but it would be nice to be able to use the control markers properly.

Shift-click to select control markers–then you can flip or delete them. They have the Do Not Stack trait, so when you save a game and reopen it, the order in which markers that are on top of each other are drawn is entirely unpredictable. The better way to have done this would have been to put control markers in their own Game Piece Layer so they won’t stack with units but can still be selected and moved normally, but that’s up to the designer.

Ah! Ok, thanks. thumbs up