No stack viewing for opposing players?

From what I experienced you can’t view stacks in opposing players windows, why is that or is there merely an option I missed to activate?

I’m sorry for just bumping this, but is there an answer to my question?

Could you please provide some more information Ikarus? The module you’re using etc.? Opposing player’s windows are normally used to hide their card hand or pieces. If you want pieces to be visible to everyone you should just add new maps.

Ok, well each player has a hand window where cards are usually turned face down, but which are visible to all player so that they can determine the number of cards in an opposing players hand. Then there is a so called character window for each player where he can put cards (usually face up) to determine his stats and stuff - this window is also visible to everyone. Last but not least there is the main window where the draw piles are and action takes place.

Now I made it so that cards in the character window can be stacked normally (i. e. on top of each other) and the player to whom this window can view the stack, but the problem is that any other player can’t view the stack although he can see the rest of the window normally.

Even though you have made the private player windows visible to opposing players, it does not give opponents the right to manipulate pieces inside that window (i.e - expand a stack to see whats in it).

What you should be able to do though is add the Mouse Over Stack Viewer trait to these windows and this will allow opponents to be able to see what is in the stack this way

I’m not certain if “trait” is something special when talking about windows but what I already did was adding the Mouse Over Stack Viewer or else the owning player himself wouldn’t even be able to view stacks.
The way I see it, for viewing a stack an opposing player doesn’t have to be able to manipulate pieces in a window, if the stack is already face up, why shouldn’t he be able to see it through the stack viewer?