No VASSAL icons for Linux desktop launchers and menus

okay I will ask…

What does a Linux user do to get the slick-looking new (circa 3.1.something) VASSAL icon for his desktop launcher and menu icons? I think the lucky Windows users get this done as part of the installer program but us poor Linux users just get a tarball to extract and run the program using a shell script. No VASSAL icons get installed except the ones actually used within the VASSAL program. So in Linux you get to look at the somewhat odd generic launcher icon. If I knew how to change it manually I would do it just to have something different to look at. I think the launcher and menu icons have to be svg files, and I think you can change them when you edit the properties by clicking on the icon picture.

But there is no VASSAL icon svg to use for this unless it is buried waaaaaaaaaaay inside one of those jars somewhere?

Surely, surely, Joel and all you developer guys who run Linux do not have these generic icons being used for VASSAL? Surely there is a nice svg someone has made up?


(This is a really severe and urgent bug, affecting those hordes of VASSAL Linux users…)

dug around, stole (as in extracted a copy) the VASSAL 256x256 png file out of the VASSAL jar and plunked it into the VASSAL prefs folder, then pointed the desktop launcher to it to use for an icon. Voila! However, the menu item seems to require an svg. So no joy yet for the menu item icon.

Thus spake “IrishBouzouki”:

At some point I’ll get around to providing a GNOME desktop shortcut
in the Linux bundle.

I don’t have any icons on my desktop for VASSAL (in fact I barely have any
icons on my desktop at all) because I am always running a development build
from the command line. The shortcut would be useless for me, as I would have
to remember which of the dozen versions of VASSAL I have at any one time
it actually points to.

You’ll find the SVG version of the VASSAL icon in Vengine.jar in the
icons/scalable directory.


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