Non-Rectangular Woes

Does anyone out there have experience with the Non-Rectangular trait, and/or any known bugs in it?

The below screenshot, of two pieces with non-rectangular traits, illustrates my main problem:


Basically, the large piece “works right” – it gets a circular outline matching the template I gave, and it is selected only when I click inside the highlighted area.

On the other hand the little diamond “Sabotage” piece, which has a diamond-shaped mask (which I can find nothing wrong with - it’s using transparent color for everything outside the diamond, and it even makes a little black diamond shape in the non-Rectangular trait’s display box – this piece does not work at all: it outlines “the whole square” instead of just the diamond, and is selected by clicking anywhere in the whole square, not just the diamond.

Can anyone think of what could be going wrong?

An additional problem seems to be that if the small piece is placed OVER a big piece, then it will not select with a click AT ALL, even though it is in a “higher layer”. It will still select with a band-select, but not with a click. But the main problem I want to find is the first one.


Well on further experimentation I’ve “solved” the problem by discovering that the Non-Rectangular trait is apparently not compatible with the Layer trait. Non-rectangular only functions correctly if your art for the piece is in the “Basic Piece” section. If there’s a Layer trait, the whole “square” of it gets added to the selection mask for the piece with no way to switch that behavior off.

I’ll open a bug, FWIW, for future improvements.

facepalm Non-Rectangular needs to be below the Layer trait in the list, duh.

STILL A PROBLEM: two non-rectangular pieces over top of each other have selection problems – i.e. the big one masks the little one even though one is in a higher display layer.