Noob interested in Chad Jensen games and maybe AGOT/Eclipse

I have Dominant Species and Urban Sprawl coming to me in the mail. I was wondering if anyone was interested in running some full or almost full games on either of these two games (maybe even both at different times). I have a lot of friends who like board games, but I doubt I’ll be able to get games of 6 and 4 respectively for these games and it’d be interesting to see how they run at full players. I’m a noob in the sense that I haven’t actually played these games yet–although I’m very comfortable with the rules–so I’m mostly just oblivious to the subtleties of strategy you get after multiple games. I’m in the Pacific Standard Time Zone (GMT+8) and my schedule will be open until I find a solid job. Let me know what game you’re interested in and what time you’d prefer and hopefully we can get a group together. :slight_smile:

I’m also interested in possibly trying out A Game of Thrones 2nd Ed. (preferably a large game, because it would be better with more people) to see if I should try purchasing that in the future for my friends that are A Song of Ice and Fire fans. Let me know if anyone that’s experienced in that and willing to endure (and maybe help out) a noob that’s new to the game is interested. I have the digital rule book, so I won’t be completely oblivious to the rules, but I hear you need to play a few times to really get it.

The same as above goes for Eclipse. I have various friends who love those space exploration games like I do, but it’s quite a big purchase to consider. It has a really cool concept of how the resources are used, but I’d have to see it played and experience it to really know if it’s worth it. I looked at Space Empires 4X and it seemed a bit over-the-top for the people I game with. The fog of war it has is pretty damn awesome, though, and it seems to have a ton of replayability. (I never played Space Empires on PC, either, so I’m a bit lost on that as well.)

Hi there,
I’m noob too and I want to play Dominant Species and Urban Sprawl (PBEM only).
I’m in Italy (GMT+2) and I ensure 1-2 round a-day at least, during the morning/evening.

If you are interested in a game (with more than 2 players), send me a PM

I haven’t really been that interested in the PBEM format. I’d rather just sit down for 3 hours and play the whole thing, but I’ll consider it.

Update: I tried A Game of Thrones and didn’t like it for something to purchase. I’d have to get 5 people interested in playing a game that can possibly go on for 6+ hours that ends in us being angry at each other (Except me because I don’t take games personally)–so cancel my idea of trying it online. I am still interested in trying Eclipse.

I got a chance to play 6 player Dominant Species with my physical game and it was excellent even though I got seriously screwed over–one of my friend’s moves nullified what THREE of my action pawns were going to do (Glaciation). Hopefully I can find 2 or 3 people to play Urban Sprawl soon. Still interested in playing it online, and I think adding in Skype or some other VOIP would be nice as well.

I’d be interested in Urban Sprawl or Dominant Species.


I’m up for Dominant Species (preferred) or Urban Sprawl too. PBEM though.

If AGOT is happening,I’m interested too…

@Greygor, @mattutor

If you wanna play PBEM send me a PM! Both of them are ok for me (prefer Urban Sprawl).