Not a *feature* request, but a request nonetheless...

While we’re waiting for an overhauled Vassal… if there is any possibility for an interim release that fixes problems… here’s a couple of VERY BADLY needed fixes.

  1. When you assign graphics to a piece, the need to select a “blank” selection in order to see the “double-click to add new image” is completely unnecessary… and VERY aggravating when you’re making literally hundreds and hundreds of clicks to assign graphics to a full counter set. If a piece has just been newly created, or if the artwork previously assigned to it has been removed from the module, one should simply see the “double-click to add new image” prompt; full stop. The blank selection just needs to go away, as it serves NO purpose.

  2. This has been a long-standing problem that SURELY can be fixed with just a little more attention to GUI editing. Since order of attributes is SO IMPORTANT to piece and prototype functionality, is it UNFORGIVABLE that the GUI should show the stack of attributes from the bottom “down” to the top. If, for some reason you can’t fix the order in which they display, at LEAST modify the GUI text to clearly show that the apparent stacking order is reversed. Ex: instead of just, “Current Traits” at the top of the list there, make it read “Current Traits (stacked bottom to top)” You have NO IDEA the amount of confusion and mistakes this causes!!!

If my tone is a little belligerent, I apologize… but right now I’m in the middle of editing a set of modules while replacing all the artwork in them, and am adjusting attributes as well. Having to repeat the same edits over and over and over really brings out the unproductive mouseclicks and pain points in operations like these. And I’m sure you see no value in antagonizing your module creators. After all, we’re your biggest fans and evangelizers!!!

Carry on then! Thanks for letting me vent.