Notes window question

I’m pretty new to the vassal program and have a question, I hope I’ve put this in the correct forum. I haven’t been able to answer the question myself through searching the forums here, nor reading the 3.1 designer’s guide.
A friend and I are trying to PBEM the South Mountain module, I’m on a pc,He’s on a Mac.
My specific question is concerning the Notes Window: Is there any way, with the the public notes, to enable copy and paste (right click on my mouse) so the notes contained can be transferred to a document file?
Thanks for any attention to this.

Sure. Use the universal copy/paste commands for your operating system–these still work even though there is no right-click context menu available. On Windows, these are Ctrl-C (copy) and Ctrl-V (paste). On a Mac, it will be Command-C (copy), Command-V (paste).

Well, I suppose I should say "Duh!’ Though in defense, I don’t use the universal controls very often - obviously…
Thanks JoelCF, for the answer.


No problem! I use this constantly to copy/paste snippets from the message window into emails for PBEM games.