Oblique Hex Grid Numbering

I see that the oblique hex grid numbering code has been checked in some time ago. I thought that I had read some time in the past that it might be scheduled for Version 3.2. Is this planned to be incorporated at some time in the future or otherwise made available?

I see that it apparently still needs work, i.e. needs to be made more generic.

Hello Vassal Team.

I would like to incorporate hex grid numbering for the maps in GMT’s A World At War game module. The map uses the old Avalon Hill oblique numbeirng scheme (e.g. Advanced Third Reich). I see that oblique grid numbering has been talked about a lot but hasn’t yet been released.

I’d like to know what, if anything, has been done to build the support for oblique numbering and what the known problems are with it. I’m willing contribute time towards developing and/or testing the feature.


Hi Denis,

If the grid scheme uses exactly the same axes as Advanced Third Reich , then you could just use the custom ObliqueHexNumbering class from that module. As the original author of that code, I am happy for you to use it.

AH used several non standard (what we now think of as standard) grid numbering schemes in various games. Someone did try to write a generalised Oblique Hex Numbering class at one point, but it never quite made it into Vassal. The way hex grids are implemented in Vassal 3 made it immensely complicated.

Let me know if you need assistance.