OCS by PBEM - Best Practices?


Is there a document on the web somewhere that is either a step by step guide to playing OCS on Vassal via PBEM, or a list of best practices?

I am trying to figure out how to keep file log file exchanges to a minimum and am stumped how one would handle overruns, hipshots, barrages, and combat without having to constantly send these things back and forth.



I could be wrong, but I think most players just set ground rules on how they will split turns as part of the initial discussion - over any optionals that will or won’t be included. I’m not sure I have seen any best practise document.

In most cases I would say turn is split into the main phases, So the first player may well - roll for weather, roll for first player and then depending on if they won initiative either pass it over to the other player or keep going.

The active player could then do everything up to the Reaction Phase, which they would obviously pass back to their opponent. This player can then also review any decisions made and alter if need be within the rules naturally (so retreat options?).

After reaction the turn is passed back and the active player will then complete his turn.

In most cases game turns can be that simple. In games like Tunisia II with simulcast turns they can be even simpler. But that’s not to say situations exist where an opponent may have to have input in a retreat option - ie a few options are available - I have a game of Smolensk running at the moment where extra files pass back and forth to make sure retreats are done correctly - but its not essential 100% of the time.

Likewise with the airwar - sweeps can be conducted and intercepted in most cases by the active player - assuming ground rules are agreed.

Hope this helps a little - OCS is a tremendous game system. Good luck with your games.