OCS PBEM opponent wanted

Hello. I’m looking for an OCS game, pbem. My game pace would be around one or two log a week.
I shall not play Tunisia, Burma nor Reluctant ennemies. I own all the boxes in the serie.
Feel free to pm me if you might be in.
Regards. Arnaud.

Aloha Arnaud
I’m just learning how to PBEM OCS…
been playing solo for years…
let me know if you’re interested in doing a game.
i see what you are not interested in, what games are you interested in playing may I ask?
aloha from Hawaii slight smile

Hi Brentley.
Greetings from France, quite far away from Hawaii.
Playing solo is nice, we all do that. But having an opponent is far more enjoyable !
I’d play Beyond the Rhine, Hungarian Rhapsody, Smolensk, The Blitzkrieg Legend or even CB/GBII or the last opus TTW, for example, what ever you may feel comfortable with (I should add the Sicily game to the NO list).

I would be interested as well…Woody

Hi Woody. Welcome.
Do you have any prefered game ?
PM me your mail if you’d like to.

This topic is still active. I’ve had no positives answers yet.

Hello There. This TOPIC is temporarily closed. I’ve found an opponent.